Brignoli S.r.l. installation activity can also cover operational projects in:

  • treatment of drinking and refuse water;
  • land reclamation (bioventing and airsparging systems);
  • treatment of urban solid waste (bioreactors for compounds);
  • regeneration on site of the oil used in the electrical transformers (group package for dehalogenation).

Cosa facciamo

Cosa facciamo

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The installation side is planned, generally, from designs and/or specific requirements from the client whilst respecting at all times our “turn key” policy. Given that it’s our company that is not only equipped in the workshop construction of the plant components but also possesses the skilled staff able to carry out with their specific tools of the trade, all manner of work on site is effected.

In the implementation of its activities in the installation process, Brignoli Srl has developed independently projects with specific number of components:

  • filters (sand and activated charcoal, automatic and manual);
  • sluice gates (manual and motorized);
  • automatic grates (arched and/or subvertical, by bars and perforated sheet metal);
  • spinning drum filters;
  • equipment for de-silting devices, settling and sludge thickening (dynamic de-silting, “to and fro” motion bridges with peripheral drive and central head).
Cosa facciamo